Voluntary green levys of to a flying start.

Posted in Air Travel, Green Travel, Travel by Jeff on the April 27th, 2007

It seems that travellers are fast catching on to the potential impact that holiday and business travel has on the environment and are more and more willing to make a voluntary contribution to offset their carbon footprint.

Recent statistics show that in the first week of its new green scheme, more than a third of First Choice customers agreed to pay an offsetting charge. The number of people agreeing to pay the £1.50 voluntary levy in First Choice shops was 45% , this reduced to 38% when comparing the take up of the charge across all of the First Choice distribution channels such as the Internet. Sunvil Holidays, another company that has introduced it’s own responsible travel policy have reported that in the last five months, 8,000 customers have agreed to pay a small carbon offsetting fee.

As awareness grows to the possible impact that global and domestic travel has on the environment, more and more companies are queing to show their green credentials. One argument is that this is more about effective marketing than saving the planet. Targeting the conscience of a huge and growing number of people who will sway towards companies that appear to be doing something to help the environment could be very good for business.

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