Fingerprinting At All BAA Airports Likely

Posted in Air Travel News by Tim on the March 31st, 2008

The British Airports Authority (BAA) have announced that they want to fingerprint all passengers at each of their seven UK airports, both domestic and international travellers. BAA airports include Glasgow Airport, Aberdeen Airport and Edinburgh Airport as well as Gatwick and Heathrow.

BAA have warned that an incoming international passenger could potentially switch tickets with an accomplice booked on a domestic flight and then gain entry into the country without having been subjected to immigration checks. They say that fingerprinting is needed in order for domestic and international passengers to mix in the airport lounges and avoid this security risk.

BAA have stated that biometrics is a BAA wide project and anything they do at Heathrow will be carried out at all BAA airport including Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.

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Ryanair expands Scottish air network

Posted in Air Travel, Air Travel News, Airport News, Travel by Jeff on the March 4th, 2008

Ryanair have announced plans for a multi-million pound expansion into Scotland that could bring about a significant boost to tourism in the area. With the planned 19 routes that will operate to and from Edinburgh Airport, Ryanair predicts that the new services will attract more than 1.2 million extra passengers a year to Scotland.

With Glasgow Prestwick Airport being their first, Edinburgh airport will be Ryanair’s second base of operation in Scotland and their 27th in Europe.

The airline claims that the expansion of operations in the Scottish sector will indirectly create up to 1,200 jobs in Edinburgh and the East Scotland areas. Inevitably, with the creation of new routes and services comes a greater demand for additional ground based operations such as Airport car parking and Hotels at or near to Edinburgh Airport. This demand for additional services is likely to bring an economic boost and jobs to the local and surrounding areas.

Sean Coyle, Ryanair’s director of finance, said “Our 19 routes will deliver significant economic benefits for Edinburgh by capitalising on Scotland’s huge tourism potential and making it cheaper and easier than ever before to get here.”