Planning a winter sports holiday this season? Want something for nothing?

Posted in Travel Competitions by Jeff on the September 30th, 2009

Looking forward to the thrill of the open slopes, the cool fresh air and the après ski that makes any winter sports holiday special?

Finding the ultimate ‘must have’ bargain, be it a pair of skis, a snowboard or some other piece of kit is as much a part of the overall experience as the holiday itself. After all, having the latest and greatest gear on the slopes is like having the latest gadgets to boost street cred. Well we’re as excited about the approaching ski season as you are and have trawled the Internet to find something that’ll kick the fast approaching season off in style.

How’s this for starters: £100 worth of ‘Snow & Rock’ vouchers being offered by in their ‘Winter Sports Lucky Draw Competition‘. Yes, that’s £100 worth of vouchers to spend on this winter season’s trendy gear and must-have equipment.

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s the catch?” and the simple answer to this is that there isn’t one. When you’re as passionate about skiing, snowboarding and winter sports as they are, it’s about celebrating the arrival of the fresh snow and nothing more.

So what do you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this great give-away prize? Simply go to their ‘Snow & Rock Winter Sports Lucky Draw’ page and enter your details. Be quick, the competition expires on the 14th of October.

If you’re lucky enough to win, send us a picture of you and your new gear while on holiday and we’ll happily post a picture of you having fun in the sun (and hopefully snow) for all to see.

We’re going to be keeping an eye open for any other great travel offers and competitions and when we find them we’ll post them here, so keep checking back!

Who are the Worst Airline Passengers You have Travelled With?

Posted in Air Travel by Hank on the September 23rd, 2009

At a recent lunch time drinking session myself and a group of friends began to swap stories about the worst passengers we’d run into on planes. Here are just a few of the worst:

fatFat, Sweaty, Smelly Woman: I once had the middle seat next to a lady who must have been at least 20 stone (280 pounds). This was in the middle of summer, on a very hot day and this woman stank. The strong smell of body odour nearly made me wretch. She was so fat that her enormous flabby backside encroached into my seating space making it impossible for me to avoid coming into contact with her unpleasantly sweaty mass. She spent the whole flight puffing, panting, complaining about the heat and stinking.

Seat Kicking Kid: One of my friends described an economy flight to the Canary islands with a child sitting behind him who persisted in kicking his head rest. The child’s mother did nothing to stop this obnoxious little brat and in the end my friend had to ask a flight attendant to do something about it resulting in an argument with the child’s equally obnoxious mother.
Screaming Baby: We’d all experienced the joy of travelling with babies on board and concluded that there needs to be separate aircraft for parents with babies and toddlers. A night flight from Singapore to the UK with a teething baby and its mother in the adjacent seat is enough to turn anybody into a child murderer.

Drunken Sailors: One of our group described a flight to the Caribbean via the United States with a group of British Seamen destined to join a tanker in Trinidad. As soon as the plane took off from Heathrow this little group started drinking heavily. They were soon highly intoxicated, singing ribald sea shanties and sexually harassing the flight attendants and anybody else who came within arms reach.
The Sloppy Sleeper: This is the person who somehow manages to doze off but rests their head on your shoulder. Several of us had run into examples of this passenger. In one case the sleeper was a young man who spent the flight obliviously scratching his crotch while mumbling and dribbling. Not nice.

Do you have any examples of aircraft passengers who you would rather have not travelled with?