Lastminute Travel Discounts

Posted in Travel, Uncategorized by Jeff on the March 26th, 2009

Few things in life are as exciting as deciding on a last-minute vacation, but
unfortunately often the best travel deals are
available to those who make their reservations months in advance. The other side
of the coin is that sometimes airlines and resort operators find themselves with
excess inventory for the short-term and are willing to offer discounts to those
who are able to, or want to, travel on short notice.

Some travel aggregators like specialize in putting together deals
for the short notice vacationer. Many popular destinations are available for
weekend getaways, or even a longer trip. Weekend getaway deals are generally
offered up to 17 days prior to departure. Those looking for a lastminute airfare
only ticket can sometimes find packages available for less than the cost of the
flight alone from an airline! Doing a little searching online will reveal promo codes for even more savings on your vacation.

Bomb scare hoax briefly closes Gatwick Airport

Posted in Airport News by Hank on the March 24th, 2009

Police have arrested a man in his 20’s on suspicion of involvement in a bomb scare at Gatwick Airport on Sunday.

A note was found on board a United Arab Emirates flight from Dubai to London about 10 minutes before it landed at London Gatwick Airport. Sussex police stated the note implied there may have been “a suspicious device on board”.

Over 150 passengers and the flight crew were evacuated and the plane moved to a holding area at Gatwick Airport, where a bomb disposal team searched the aircraft and luggage. Nothing was found in the search.

BAA Ordered to Sell Airports

Posted in Air Travel, Air Travel News, Airport News, Travel by Jeff on the March 20th, 2009

The Competition Commission has told BAA they must sell either Edinburgh or Glasgow Airport in its final report of a two-year inquiry.  This comes after they ordered BAA to sell Gatwick and Stansted Airports, a decision that the BAA has said they may appeal against.

The commission stated that the lack of competition between airports owned by BAA was detrimental to passengers, and that the three airports must be sold within two years.  BAA will be required to sell the airports in sequence, starting with Gatwick, followed by Stansted, and then either Edinburgh or Glasgow, to ensure an orderly sale process.

BAA has two months to respond to the Competition Commissions findings.