BA Jet grounded after damage found

Posted in Air Travel, Air Travel News, Travel by Jeff on the January 23rd, 2009

Police have arrested two British Airways ground staff at London’s Heathrow Airport after a jet was damaged.

The damaged aircraft, an Airbus A321 owned by British Airways (BA) was reported as having a gash on the fuselage. The aircraft is currently being inspected by BA engineers to assess the extent of the damage.

It’s claimed that the damage was caused when a baggage truck was driven into the jet on the 9th January, the damage however was only spotted by other ground staff as the plane was being readied for take off.

BA have not yet commented on whether the plane would of been in any danger if it had taken off saying that further details would not be available until they have received and assessed the engineers report.

The ground staff suspected of causeing the damage have been suspended by BA and released on bail while enquiries continue. The 80 passengers that were due to fly on the plane were put on another flight.