UK Pound Hits All Time Low Against Euro Zone

Posted in Cruise and Ferry Travel News, Travel, TravelPad by Jeff on the December 15th, 2008

For many people in the South East, tis’ an age old tradition to drive to the nearby port of Dover, jump on board a ferry and cash in on the preferential exchange rate with cheap wines & beers from the continent.

With the UK Pound plummeting against the Euro and a host of other currencies, the benefits of travelling abroad for a Christmas bargain are rapidly diminishing.

As with most things good and bad, there is often a flip side. For the current currency crisis, this is the rush of UK retailers slashing prices to entice shoppers to part with their hard earned cash.

With pre-Christmas sales and heavy discounting across the board a trip abroad for cheap beer and wine and other Christmas gifts may not be necessary after all.

If however you’re still tempted by the wines and cheese from overseas, a little advance planning for the journey can save you pounds on the journey. Here are a few tips to help you on your way…

With the heavily competitive cross channel ferry market all fighting for festive shoppers, it’s worth looking around to find the best cross channel ferry deals.

If you’re driving to Dover, port parking can also be booked in advance saving up to 50% on the standard ‘turn up’ parking prices.

And lastly, why not fill up with fuel on the continent before your return. With less tax on the overall cost of fuel, the difference in price could be equal to a few more bottles of wine in the basket.