John Lennon’s Possessed My Car!

Posted in Travel by Hank on the January 6th, 2010

After a rather delayed 4-hour flight from Bordeaux yesterday, I eventually got back safe and sound to the UK. It’s pretty rare to get a “White Christmas” nowadays, so with recent reports about the UK getting its fair share of snow I was pleasantly surprised to see my car covered in a sprinkling. I was pretty tired from the journey, and had to wipe my eyes, but as I approached the car I saw John Lennon staring right back at me.

John Lennon on my windscreen

Yes, that’s right, I said John Lennon! Okay, not literally, but by the way the snow had started to thaw on my front window it was pretty much the best effigy of the Beatles great I had seen in a long time. My friends do say I have an over-active imagination, but I was in a Liverpool Airport car park at the time, and I think you’ll agree that the face that stared back at me was pretty close to the real thing.

Seeing as the driver’s side door was frozen shut and I was in no rush anyhow, I “tweaked” the ghostly face a little more by pushing the bottom end of my water bottle into the snow to make the left eye more prominent and then sprayed on a right eyebrow. Et Voila!

John Lennon's face after some minor tweaking