The sky is no longer the limit

Posted in Air Travel, Air Travel News, Travel by Jeff on the April 13th, 2007

Ever fancied yourself as an astronaut? well your dream could become a reality by the end of this decade. With the removal of a major stumbling block. Bupa, the well known insurance provider, have confirmed that it would now offer insurance for space customers after the removal of a major stumbling block.

With insurance premiums of around £20,000 making up a fifth of the overall estimated flight cost of around £100,000, it probably wont be long before premium costs start to fall as other insurance services follow suit.

Virgin Galactic, a leader in the pursuit of space tourism claims that its space ship could be ready for launch by 2009 following around 100-plus test flights that they plan to conduct over the remainder of 2007 and 2008.

It’s hoped that as time passes and the safety of this new form of space travel is proved, the insurance and flight costs will fall bringing the prospect of space flight a little closer for many people.

So get ready, money, tickets, passport, spacesuit!

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