May’s Meccano Bridge…a new world record?

Posted in Airport Parking by Hank on the December 18th, 2009

When Liverpool clerk Frank Hornby invented his Meccano toy construction kits back in 1901, he never could have guessed that a 21st Century Bristolian TV presenter would use his creation to span a canal near the Liver Building.

But that’s exactly what James May did earlier this year as part of his “Toy Stories” series.

In September, May unveiled the 75-foot long bridge and proceeded to cross the canal on the 1/2 tonne contraption. It was engineered by Atkins, the design and engineering consultancy and took 20 people more than six weeks to complete (students from the University of Liverpool’s Engineering Department were even roped in to assist).

The final product is even believed to be a new world record for the largest Meccano bridge ever built, with 100,000 individual parts – including 28,000 bolts!

Now, this got us thinking…with the new expansion taking place at Liverpool Airport, there will undoubtedly be increased demand for convenient Liverpool Airport parking. Soooo…maybe we could get Mr. May to construct a multi-storey car park from the multitude of metal components he apparently has access to, thereby alleviating any potential traffic congestion and providing a relatively cheap solution for travellers in the Northwest.

What do you think? Would you park in May’s Amazing Meccano Multi-Storey Car Park?

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