It’s official…airport parking costs can be a pain in the purse

Posted in Air Travel News, Airport Parking by Hank on the May 27th, 2009

According to The Daily Mirror’s online news site, airport parking costs are “sore again”. Hmm…I can only take this to mean that the cost of airport parking is causing pain for many travellers this year.

The Mirror’s story quotes an example price of £228.90 for two weeks’ parking at Heathrow, but if you take advantage of the great offers to be found online, you can book two weeks’ Heathrow Parking in June for as little as £75.95! If you’re counting pennies, and let’s face it, who isn’t these days, the best way to enjoy big savings is by pre-booking your airport parking online.

So, even though airport parking prices have inevitably risen (some might even say they’ve “soared“), you can still find a bargain when you know where to look.

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