Airport Lounges : 10 of the best

Posted in Air Travel, Airport Lounges, Airport News by Jeff on the August 8th, 2007

With the ever growing popularity and number of airport lounges, there has never been a greater choice for travellers.

In a recent article by the Telegraph online, Jeffery Mills was given the enviable task of scouting the worlds airports to find and name his top 10 luxury airport lounges.

When searching for airport lounges, there are a number of web sites that take the hard work out of the process by providing easy to use search facilities. Once the country and airport required have been selected, these systems will return details of availability and pricing along with an option to book online in advance, saving on the normal ‘turn up’ daily rates.

One of the more well known sites for this is, with a database of over 130 airport lounges in around 40 countries, this easy to use site provides instant access to the worlds airport lounge net work, including some of those highlighted by Jeffery Mills in his worlds top ten luxury lounges.

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